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Shutterbug Saturday: Alausi part II

Do any of these photos look familiar?

At this part of our tour through Alausi, Ecuador, we were greeted by indigenous dancers from the region who performed some folk dances. I even had my own dance partner later on who was head and shoulders shorter than me. It was quite fun learning about the native cultures in Ecuador. Oh yeah, I even tried a local dessert at the local cafe within walking distance.



Water Experiment at Inti-ñan Museum

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy and I got back from vacation.

I was in Ecuador, and I did a tiny bit of filming there. For this video, I filmed a water experiment at Quito’s Inti-ñan museum at Latitude 0 which is the middle of the world right on the equator. Our museum guide had a portable sink and showed how water flows on the equator and on both hemispheres by only moving a few feet away. It was quite fascinating to say the least.