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Take 2 Garage Sale Video

Here’s a video I was involved in recently.

At the Take 2 Creative Camp, there was a garage sale fundraiser for the program outside. It was in the heart of Downtown Elgin and everyone sold various clothes, shoes, toys, video games, and baby supplies to raise money for the Take 2 Creative Camp. It was quite fun. The footage was done by by Korisa of Mad Dash Productions and some of the teens. I provided the ukulele instrumental for the video. Also, yes…you do briefly see me in some shots playing the ukulele or walking around.




[#TBT] Haven: Best Friend Fondue (Live @ Side Street 2014)

It’s been a while, but here’s a throwback video!

Here’s the band Haven ending their set with a ukulele tune to serenade the audience. I’m a sucker for ukuleles, so I think this is great.