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#TBT Words of Owls: Egypt [Live @ Cornerstone Festival 2012]

Welcome to another edition of #TBT here at Autumn Peal!

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Brenton AKA Words of Owls. I met him at Cornerstone at their final festival where we saw each other at the Impact Stage with my other friends. He did spoken word (which I’d like it if he did that again) at the time which was really good.

Feel free to download his record for free at http://wordsofowls.bandcamp.com.

Also, check out his current Acoustic/sadcore project Poor at http://notreallypoor.bandcamp.com.


[#TBT] Lower Automation @ Side Street

Welcome to another Throwback Thursday installment!

I actually made these videos only a few months before starting an Autumn Peal blog. This trio is Lower Automation. They’re a mathcore band from Wheaton, IL. I’ve known Derek (lead singer/guitarist) for years with his old band Counterfeit I back when I was more active in the music scene. It was great seeing this new music with this current project.



[#TBT] Osmin: La Primavera [Manu Chao Cover] (Live @ Elgin Books 2014)

Welcome to another installment of Throwback Thursday!

I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned this person on my blog yet. This is my buddy Osmin AKA Oscar. This video was captured for a purely acoustic set at Elgin Books (the best bookstore in Elgin, IL right now). He decided to rock a Cruz Azul jacket while covering a Manu Chao song to serenade everyone.

[#TBT] Rune the Lion: Hide and Sink (Imogen Heap Cover) [Live @ Tropical Smoothie Cafe 2014]

Throwback Thursday time!

This another video from my friends in Rune the Lion whom I’ve mentioned on my blog before. I caught their set back years ago and they ended it by covering “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap except they do it with instruments instead of harmonized vocals. Feel free to insert your own OC reference here.