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Shutterbug Saturday: Alausi

Here are some more photos from Alausi!

There are more shots of Devil’s Nose Valley as my family and I took a train tour thousands of feet above sea level. At the bottom is a small picture I took of the Tren Ecuador service that gave us a tour.



Shutterbug Saturday: Riobamba/Alausi

These are the last few photos I have of Riobamba, Ecuador before going into Alausi.

In Alausi, we were on a train tour thousands of miles above sea level where we saw Devil’s Nose Mountain and some of the surrounding landscapes. It was fascinating being on a train so high up in terms of altitude.


Shutterbug Saturday: Baños part III

We visited Rio Verde (literally Green River in Spanish) in Baños which was quite beautiful. There were some waterfalls over there and rock formations. However, some people have put their names on the rocks. Even with my limited Spanish, I knew that the sign over them said “Don’t write on the rocks.”

I certainly haven’t seen anything like this here in America.