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[#TBT] The Shakes & Rumbles: This Ain’t What I Am (Live @ Side Street 2014)

#TBT time, everybody!

Here’s noise punk duo The Shakes & Rumbles coming from Lake Zurich, IL to play at the 2014 Battle of the Bands. This was my first time seeing them live and they were certainly a fun live act.




Sloth Hands: Have a Great Summer [Live @ Side Street]

Meet Sloth Hands!

They are a folk punk trio from Illinois’s third largest city (that’s Rockford, for those scoring at home) playing at this year’s battle of the bands. This is them playing the title track from their Have a Great Summer album.



[#TBT] Renae live @ Mad Maggie’s 2009

Here’s this week’s collection of #TBT photos.

This is from late 2009 when some old friends of mine by the name of Renae came to Elgin to play a show at the former Mad Maggie’s. They are a post-punk/hardcore band from Hillsboro, IL (near Springfield). I’ve seen them several times back in their heyday, but they broke up years ago.

However, their memory lives on. Feel free to download their music. http://renae.bandcamp.com.


[#TBT] The Old-Timers: Mammon

Here’s this week’s TBT video.

It’s the first music video I ever created for the South African/Scottish hardcore band The Old-Timers. This was a mix of some royalty-free open source footage with my own that I filmed. It was really fun and I certainly enjoyed using a mix of different images to pertain to some of the lyrics. This video even comes as a bonus to anyone who buys The Old-Timers’ EP Spiritus Sanctus. The digital version of the EP is free/pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp, but I highly encourage you to buy their music.

Check their EP at http://theold-timers.bandcamp.com/album/spiritus-sanctus


[Music Video] Praiser: Your Ego

I’ll give you a break from some of my mewithoutYou and Into It. Over It. videos for the moment. I made a music video for a German hardcore punk band a few months ago which features their song “Your Ego” from a 3-way split album that features other hardcore bands such as The Hoax from Anaheim, CA and The Old-Timers hailing from South Africa and Scotland. Their album is sold at http://zaprecords84.bandcamp.com.

This video is an assemblage of footage that is an abstract representation of their lyrics which deal with haughty pastors.

Check out Praiser at http://praiser.de.