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[#TBT] Wayfarer @ Battle of the Bands 2015


Here are some videos from the indie rock band Wayfarer. This was during the finals at the Battle of the Bands at Side Street Studio Arts. These guys definitely play some of the harder indie stuff mixed with post-punk, and post-rock.




[#TBT] Haven: The Constant Gardener (Dear Friend) [Live @ Side Street 2014]

You might remember Haven from a previous #TBT post.

This is one of their full band songs where they do their typical indie/post-hardcore music. This is from that same show at Side Street back in ’14.


Spoken: September [Live @ City Rockfest 2017]

This video involves a band I haven’t seen in over a decade.

Spoken is a hard rock band from Nashville, but originated in Fayetteville, Arkansas and they’ve been around since 1996. Matt Baird (lead singer) is the only original member since I didn’t recognize the guitarists and drummer playing with him. They’ve still got it and I enjoyed their set after not seeing them since Cornerstone Festival back when they were on Tooth & Nail Records.


[#TBT] The Skies Revolt: Scattered Giants @ Cornerstone Festival 2011

Here’s my first Throwback Thursday post. I’m taking you back to 2011 in Bushnell, Illinois. There used to be this one festival called Cornerstone down in Central Illinois that had a ton of great bands, movies, and activities there. However, it stopped in 2012. RIP Cornerstone. Here’s one of the first videos I took when I was there in 2011 when I saw The Skies Revolt. This was the last song on this set when they played the Solace stage.

Check out their music at http://facebook.com/theskiesrevolt.

-Curtis M.

mewithoutYou: Paper Hanger @ Durty Nellie’s

Here’s my first official post, everyone. You see, my birthday was last week, and my sister treated me to a surprise present of seeing mewithoutYou and Into It. Over It. at Durty Nellie’s. I haven’t seen either band in years (mwY in 7; IIOI in 6 respectively). This was one of mewithoutYou’s first songs they played at the show with this classic from 2004’s Catch For Us The Foxes album.


-Curtis M.