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Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands XVI

This was when we were leaving the Galapagos Islands. We got a ferry and went back to the airport as we were going back to Guayaquil. At the airport, there was the Panama Hat shop. Did you know that Panama Hats originally came from Ecuador and not Panama? Also, I took a few airplane shots as we left the island.



Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands part XIII

I just keep on coming up with pictures from my Galapagos trip. Is that necessarily a bad thing?

Of course not!

Here are some photos from more of the oceanside, some birds, and more mosaic sculptures.



Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands part XII

More Galapagos pictures coming at ya!

Outside of the hotel where my family and I stayed, there was a mosaic garden within walking distance. There were some great designs from the artists there. Okay, I do admit the turtle shell looked like the X-Men logo, but that’s besides the point. The garden also lead to some oceanic scenery which was a nice touch.


Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands XI

More Galapagos action.

We’ve got ocean pics, lizards, food pics, cityscapes, and more!


Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands part IX

Part 9 of my Galapagos pics, everybody!

Enjoy some shots of the Pacific Ocean and some marine iguanas chilling around.



Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands part VIII

Part 8!

I made it to the beach and it was wonderful. It was the first time seeing the Pacific Ocean as I swam in one of the cleanest beaches I’ve ever been.to. There are also some wildlife and tree shots in this collage, too.


Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands part V

More scenery from the Galapagos!

A bunch of these pictures have Marine iguanas in them as I saw several of them throughout the course of my stay. Those animals are as common as squirrels are where I’m from. They were just chilling around as I saw the sights on the island.