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Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands part V

More scenery from the Galapagos!

A bunch of these pictures have Marine iguanas in them as I saw several of them throughout the course of my stay. Those animals are as common as squirrels are where I’m from. They were just chilling around as I saw the sights on the island.



Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands

Finally, we made it to the Galapagos Islands from Guayaquil!

These were some pictures in or near the Seymour Airport as we were on Baltra Island. The scenery was great, but that’s only a fraction of how beautiful the islands were.


Shutterbug Saturday: Hacienda La Cienega (Lasso, Ecuador) Pt. III

Shutterbug Saturday! Woohoo!

Here are the last few pictures from the Hacienda La Cienega. Those are more chapel shots and some from the garden. I have some photos of the Cotopaxi Province countryside as we were en route to a town that makes Quito look like flatland Illinois. Stay tuned…