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The students made their final project and it debuted at the Take 2 Red Carpet Event last Thursday.

Whobunit? (props to Take 2 Teen Ali for coming up with the title) is about a big picnic that happened that was hosted by Jaquon. He bought a bunch of the food and claimed the last burger which he never got to eat yet. However, someone ate the last burger and Jaquon interviews everyone who came to the picnic.

This project was an introduction to the Rashomon Effect to the students. Not only did they use multiple perspectives, but most of the dialog was all ad-libbed and improv acting. There was no traditional script and the teens did their best to make this film happen.

Korisa and I did the filming and came up with the plot while she edited the footage.



Take 2 Creative Camp Movie Projects

Here’s a huge update from the Take 2 Creative Camp!

These are the movies that the teens worked on. They made scripts and created these stories. For these projects, they were randomly assigned a genre and a test to both fail and pass (Bechdel or Deggans) in two different scenarios while retaining the plot. Here are the plots…

The Haunted Hallway (Horror-Bechdel Test): There’s a mysterious legend about a hallway while at the same time, some girls try to prank the boys while playing up the scary legend.

The Math Test (Comedy-Bechdel Test): There’s a typical math test and a girl’s inner conscious tries to convince her to check out a boy in the class…or a taco depending on which version you watch.

Wandering In Circles (Drama-Deggans Test): Some friends get lost in downtown and they try to find each other in this setting. The ending doesn’t come as planned for some of them.

Tarantula Man (Action-Deggans Test): Trouble looms as some muggers try to harass some normal citizens. It’s up to Tarantula Man to save the day with his agility and venom strings.

Thanks to everyone at Take 2 and YWCA for pulling this off in a matter of 3 weeks.


Take 2 Creative Camp Highlights

It’s been quite a whirlwind this Summer, but so much has happened.

I was one of the teachers at the Take 2 Creative Camp Program at the YWCA in Elgin. It was a great experience teaching the kids video production, acting, screenwriting, filming, storytelling, media representation/literacy, and to show them that creativity matters. My friend/co-worker Korisa did a highlight video containing all of our adventures, bloopers, and field trips.

Thank you, Take 2 and YWCA!




Take 2 Garage Sale Video

Here’s a video I was involved in recently.

At the Take 2 Creative Camp, there was a garage sale fundraiser for the program outside. It was in the heart of Downtown Elgin and everyone sold various clothes, shoes, toys, video games, and baby supplies to raise money for the Take 2 Creative Camp. It was quite fun. The footage was done by by Korisa of Mad Dash Productions and some of the teens. I provided the ukulele instrumental for the video. Also, yes…you do briefly see me in some shots playing the ukulele or walking around.



A Million Thanks: Our Thanks To You (4th of July)

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

This is a video I helped film last week at the Take 2 Creative Camp at the YWCA. The kids made letters and pictures to the military and veterans. We went to the Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters in Hoffman Estates, IL to drop off the letters. It was a fun project to help out with.

Thanks to the following…

Korisa Madayag at Mad Dash Productions: https://vimeo.com/kmad

A Million Thanks: http://amillionthanks.org

YWCA Elgin: https://www.facebook.com/YWCAElgin/


A Bully Memoir: An Anti-Bullying Video

I know I usually don’t post on Fridays with the Autumn Peal blog, but I wanted to share a video I helped out with. This is from Take 2 Creative Camp which is a YWCA Elgin program where teens do video production and creative projects. I filmed some of the segments and I did the background music for it.

Each one gave their own personal stories about being bullied, being a bully, or being a bystander. These stories were powerful and I’m glad to have been a part of this project.

Check out Take 2 Creative Camp at http://take2creative.wordpress.com.