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[#TBT] Rune the Lion: The Artist [Live @ Tropical Smoothie Cafe 2014]

Here’s a #TBT video!

These are my friends in Rune the Lion featured again on my blog. This was from a good show when they played outside of a little smoothie bar in Huntley.



[#TBT] Rune the Lion: Hide and Sink (Imogen Heap Cover) [Live @ Tropical Smoothie Cafe 2014]

Throwback Thursday time!

This another video from my friends in Rune the Lion whom I’ve mentioned on my blog before. I caught their set back years ago and they ended it by covering “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap except they do it with instruments instead of harmonized vocals. Feel free to insert your own OC reference here.


[#TBT] Those Know-It-Alls & Their Mighty Causes: The Calling of John (Live at Cornerstone 2012)

Here’s the throwback of the week dating back to 2012.

This was at the Final Cornerstone Festival down in Bushnell, Illinois. This chamber folk band known as Those Know-It-Alls & Their Mighty Causes busked alongside Doug Mains & The City Folk right outside the showers. All unplugged and ready to go, they were able to bless this small crowd who were ready for a folkin’ awesome good time.
Fun facts:

They are named after a Welcome Wagon song.
Some of the members are past and present members of The Oh Hellos.

Check them out at http://thoseknowitalls.bandcamp.com



[#TBT] Rune the Lion: Alchemy [Live @ Tropical Smoothie Cafe]


Here’s the #TBT of the week.

This one involves Rune the Lion. They are currently on hiatus, but I have captured several performances of theirs on video. This is from their show from 2014 up in Huntley, Illinois at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe. It was a cozy show that kept people cool during the summer heat.

Check them out at http://runechicago.bandcamp.com


[#TBT] Watercolour: Ulysses Music Video

Here’s this week’s Throwback Thursday!

This is a music video I made for the Newcastle-based indie folk band Watercolour. I made this video last year and it was the second one I’ve ever created. I’m glad that my buddy Dave showed their music to me. He’s also cousins with two of the members. It was the first time I used some brief stop motion animation in there. I wanted to use some abstract footage to play along with the lyrics and meta-narrative of the Odyssey with the famous scene involving the sirens and how it ties into someone being tempted with various luxuries (cars, money, having pretty women around the character in the video, etc.) with all these pictures. After all, aren’t those desires paper thin?

Feel free to stream (and buy) their EP right here.


-Curtis M.