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[#TBT] Spartans Vs. Golden Boots 6/20/2015


This was the first sports video that I’ve taken since doing videography. It was during the Fox Valley Soccer League’s Quarterfinals event at Judson University. Here’s a 10 minute highlight reel from that particular game.



Take 2 Creative Camp Highlights

It’s been quite a whirlwind this Summer, but so much has happened.

I was one of the teachers at the Take 2 Creative Camp Program at the YWCA in Elgin. It was a great experience teaching the kids video production, acting, screenwriting, filming, storytelling, media representation/literacy, and to show them that creativity matters. My friend/co-worker Korisa did a highlight video containing all of our adventures, bloopers, and field trips.

Thank you, Take 2 and YWCA!




Poetry Alive Highlights 2017

Here’s a nice change of pace from some concerts videos that I’ve done over the past few months.

This is a sample of the Poetry Alive 2017 event at the Gail Borden Library where the poetry group performed some of their works. This people are just so talented when it comes to being wordsmiths and doing different styles and genres of spoken word.

I would like to thank Michelle Kaczor for filming this. All I did was perform some of my poems and edit the footage.

Yes, that is a spoken word version of a certain Ospreyshire track in the video that I read.


#TBT: Spartans vs Windy City United Soccer Highlights 5/21/16

Thought I just did concert and music videos, right?

Wrong! I’ve done sports footage before. This is a highlight video from a soccer game in Elgin between the Spartans and Windy City United playing at Judson University’s field.