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Shutterbug Saturday: Alausi part II

Do any of these photos look familiar?

At this part of our tour through Alausi, Ecuador, we were greeted by indigenous dancers from the region who performed some folk dances. I even had my own dance partner later on who was head and shoulders shorter than me. It was quite fun learning about the native cultures in Ecuador. Oh yeah, I even tried a local dessert at the local cafe within walking distance.



Indigenous Dancing in Ecuador

Two videos for the price of one!

Not that you were paying to see these videos to begin with…alas, my pun didn’t work.

Anyways, these are some videos I took in Ecuador while my family and I were in Alausi. After a train tour, we were treated with an indigenous dance troupe who were locals to that part of the country. It was quite fascinating seeing this show and it was also good to know that there are social programs to help their community.