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[#TBT] Trocar Buttons @ Rediscover Records

Here’s a huge #TBT post for today!

This is Trocar Buttons. I’ve posted one of their videos before on my blog, but now you’ll get tons of videos from them from their show at Rediscover Records from 2014. I really miss this band and I hope everyone can continue making music.



[#TBT] Trocar Buttons: Old Man [Live @ Next Wave 2013]

Throwback Thursday time!

These would be my friends in Trocar Buttons. They were an experimental rock quartet who uses guitar, bass, drums, and viola to make these arty soundscapes.

Check out their EP: https://trocarbuttons.bandcamp.com/

El Socko: Betty Boop [Live @ Side Street]

Here’s one of the most recent videos I’ve filmed.

This is El Socko. They are a band who uses surrealist humor and performance pieces in between their songs. At this show, they used cardboard buildings, Godzilla costumes, pink ukuleles, Sin Cara (yes, as in the WWE luchador wrestler) masks, and sun costumes. It was a whirlwind of fun and trippiness.

[#TBT] Lower Automation @ Side Street

Welcome to another Throwback Thursday installment!

I actually made these videos only a few months before starting an Autumn Peal blog. This trio is Lower Automation. They’re a mathcore band from Wheaton, IL. I’ve known Derek (lead singer/guitarist) for years with his old band Counterfeit I back when I was more active in the music scene. It was great seeing this new music with this current project.



Ospreyshire’s Katauta 52 Project Entries 2-4

For those of you not aware, I’ve been doing a weekly project with my Ospreyshire moniker.

Every week, I post a katauta poem with some minimalistic music to go with it. Here are entries 2, 3, and 4 which came out a while ago.

Feel free to follow the Ospreyshire blog at http://ospreyshire.wordpress.com.

You can download the debut Ospreyshire EP at http://ospreyshire.bandcamp.com


Ospreyshire: My Heart Is A Crater [Music Video]

I usually don’t post multiple times a day, but I made a music video for my experimental/spoken word project Ospreyshire. This is the fourth music video I’ve made, but my first one I made for any of my own projects. Feel free to check out my little project at the following places…