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[#TBT] Amber Flight @ Side Street 2015

Here’s another edition of #TBT!

This time, it involves the Elgin/Chicago-based band Amber Flight. They played some fun dance rock for the people at Side Street and I got two of their songs on video.




[#TBT] The Skies Revolt: Scattered Giants @ Cornerstone Festival 2011

Here’s my first Throwback Thursday post. I’m taking you back to 2011 in Bushnell, Illinois. There used to be this one festival called Cornerstone down in Central Illinois that had a ton of great bands, movies, and activities there. However, it stopped in 2012. RIP Cornerstone. Here’s one of the first videos I took when I was there in 2011 when I saw The Skies Revolt. This was the last song on this set when they played the Solace stage.

Check out their music at http://facebook.com/theskiesrevolt.

-Curtis M.