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[#TBT] Destroy Nate Allen: Recipe [Live @ Cornerstone Festival 2012]

Here’s this week’s edition of #TBT.

This is husband/wife folk punk duo Destroy Nate Allen. They played a set at the Creation Station stage and got everybody singing and clapping along. Yes, you can hear me singing along in the background to their ode to cooking. Remember, you have to follow the recipe the first time that you do it!


Spoken: September [Live @ City Rockfest 2017]

This video involves a band I haven’t seen in over a decade.

Spoken is a hard rock band from Nashville, but originated in Fayetteville, Arkansas and they’ve been around since 1996. Matt Baird (lead singer) is the only original member since I didn’t recognize the guitarists and drummer playing with him. They’ve still got it and I enjoyed their set after not seeing them since Cornerstone Festival back when they were on Tooth & Nail Records.