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Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands XI

More Galapagos action.

We’ve got ocean pics, lizards, food pics, cityscapes, and more!



Shutterbug Saturday: Alausi/Guayaquil

What’s up?

Here are the last few photos of my trip to Alausi before going to Guayaquil. For those of you don’t know, Guayaquil is the biggest city in Ecuador with over 3.5 million people living there. We were at a nice hotel and this was the last day where we were with Alex our tour guide. This city felt like Chicago to me, but with palm trees and the Pacific Ocean instead of Lake Michigan in terms of aesthetics.


Shutterbug Saturday: Baños de Agua Santa

Now, we’ll be delving into some photos from Baños, Ecuador!

We stayed in the Hotel Sangay which is near the hot springs in town. We looked at the cityscape of this small town which is in the middle of the Andes and the Amazon.


Shutterbug Saturday: Quito, Ecuador pt. VI

Here’s my last batch of photos from Quito although I have a lot more Ecuador-based pictures though.

Here are some city shots, scenes outside the hotel, and even a food pic. Hey, why not?


Shutterbug Saturday: Quito, Ecuador Pt. III

Here’s another glimpse of Ecuador’s Capital city.

The images this time involve some city streets and Independence Square where most of the administration buildings and one of the museums are over there.


Shutterbug Saturday: Quito, Ecuador Pt. II

Here’s part 2 of my Quito photos.

This group of photos involve El Panecillo which overlooks the city. The landmarks you see here are the Virgin of Quito, some bronze animal statues, and a cistern.