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[#TBT] Amber Flight @ Side Street 2015

Here’s another edition of #TBT!

This time, it involves the Elgin/Chicago-based band Amber Flight. They played some fun dance rock for the people at Side Street and I got two of their songs on video.




Imminent [Live @ City Rockfest 2017]

How about 2 videos for today, huh?

This is Imminent. They are a hard rock band straight out of Chicago. They opened up at the Elgin location for the City Rockfest Tour. This was my second time seeing them live with my first time seeing them was 9 years ago. It’s good to know they’re still making music.

Check out Imminent at http://imminentrocks.com


[#TBT] Mira Mira @ Summit Ice Cream circa 2008

Here’s a blast from the past. I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since I’ve seen this concert in Libertyville, Illinois.

This is Mira Mira who are a chamber rock band. They did an unplugged set at an ice cream shop. They did a bunch of originals, but I remember them covering “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns and Roses where the lead singer/pianist did the guitar solo on a melodica as seen in this mosaic.


Into It. Over It.: Spatial Exploration @ Durty Nellie’s

Into It. Over It. Got to open for mewithoutYou when I saw them a day after my birthday. I hadn’t seen Evan Weiss’s musical project in a full band context since I’ve only seen him play acoustic or with the previous band he was in known as Damiera who were on Equal Vision Records back in the day. I hadn’t seen him play in 6 years, so it was really good to see Into It. Over It. again playing some recent tunes that I wasn’t too familiar with.


-Curtis M.