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Shutterbug Saturday: Alausi part II

Do any of these photos look familiar?

At this part of our tour through Alausi, Ecuador, we were greeted by indigenous dancers from the region who performed some folk dances. I even had my own dance partner later on who was head and shoulders shorter than me. It was quite fun learning about the native cultures in Ecuador. Oh yeah, I even tried a local dessert at the local cafe within walking distance.



Shutterbug Saturday: Alausi

Here are some more photos from Alausi!

There are more shots of Devil’s Nose Valley as my family and I took a train tour thousands of feet above sea level. At the bottom is a small picture I took of the Tren Ecuador service that gave us a tour.


Shutterbug Saturday: Baños part IV

We were leaving Baños as I took some of these pictures.

That pizza box is from Pizzeria Buono which has the best pizza in Ecuador. I felt proud of myself trying to order my pizza in Spanish. Even though I made mistakes, the employees were really forgiving and even helped me out when I messed up on some of the words. There are also some countryside photos with the Tungurahua mountain in the background.


Shutterbug Saturday: Baños part III

More photos from Baños! Here are more shots from Rio Verde in addition to some of the shops and some of the buildings outside. I also bought an Ecuador FEF (Fedaracion Ecuador Futbol) jersey at one of the shops and you can see that jersey in one of the photos.


Shutterbug Saturday: Baños de Agua Santa part II

Here’s more photography taken from Baños, Ecuador.

We went higher up in the mountainous part of the town where we saw the Swing at the End of the World which is over 6000 feet above sea level as you’re swinging right in the Andes. Right next to it is The Tree House which overlooks the Andes region in Baños. I tried swinging and it was amazing despite having some issues with heights.


Shutterbug Saturday: Baños de Agua Santa

Now, we’ll be delving into some photos from Baños, Ecuador!

We stayed in the Hotel Sangay which is near the hot springs in town. We looked at the cityscape of this small town which is in the middle of the Andes and the Amazon.


Shutterbug Saturday: The Quilotoa Loop pt. III/Baños de Agua Santa

We’re at the end of The Quilotoa Loop and going towards Baños!

This batch of photos deal with the last parts of Zumbahua. We also met a farmer who raises Guinea pigs to go to market. In Ecuador, roasted Guinea pigs AKA Cuy are a delicacy over there. No, I did not have one, but that’s what the farmer specialized in like raising cattle or chickens.