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Take 2 Garage Sale Video

Here’s a video I was involved in recently.

At the Take 2 Creative Camp, there was a garage sale fundraiser for the program outside. It was in the heart of Downtown Elgin and everyone sold various clothes, shoes, toys, video games, and baby supplies to raise money for the Take 2 Creative Camp. It was quite fun. The footage was done by by Korisa of Mad Dash Productions and some of the teens. I provided the ukulele instrumental for the video. Also, yes…you do briefly see me in some shots playing the ukulele or walking around.



[#TBT] Osmin: La Primavera [Manu Chao Cover] (Live @ Elgin Books 2014)

Welcome to another installment of Throwback Thursday!

I’m surprised I haven’t mentioned this person on my blog yet. This is my buddy Osmin AKA Oscar. This video was captured for a purely acoustic set at Elgin Books (the best bookstore in Elgin, IL right now). He decided to rock a Cruz Azul jacket while covering a Manu Chao song to serenade everyone.

[#TBT] Rune the Lion: Hide and Sink (Imogen Heap Cover) [Live @ Tropical Smoothie Cafe 2014]

Throwback Thursday time!

This another video from my friends in Rune the Lion whom I’ve mentioned on my blog before. I caught their set back years ago and they ended it by covering “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap except they do it with instruments instead of harmonized vocals. Feel free to insert your own OC reference here.


[#TBT] Destroy Nate Allen: Recipe [Live @ Cornerstone Festival 2012]

Here’s this week’s edition of #TBT.

This is husband/wife folk punk duo Destroy Nate Allen. They played a set at the Creation Station stage and got everybody singing and clapping along. Yes, you can hear me singing along in the background to their ode to cooking. Remember, you have to follow the recipe the first time that you do it!


[#TBT] Kevin Schlereth/Lauryn Peacock House Show in Crystal Lake, IL 2012

Here’s a blast from 2012!

This set of pictures involves my musical friends Lauryn Peacock and Kevin Schlereth touring and playing a house show up in Crystal Lake. I thought it was awesome since I used to live about 20 minutes away from that town, so it was easy to get to, and I had a great time at this small acoustic setting.

Check out both artists!



[#TBT] Mira Mira @ Summit Ice Cream circa 2008

Here’s a blast from the past. I can’t believe it’s been 9 years since I’ve seen this concert in Libertyville, Illinois.

This is Mira Mira who are a chamber rock band. They did an unplugged set at an ice cream shop. They did a bunch of originals, but I remember them covering “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns and Roses where the lead singer/pianist did the guitar solo on a melodica as seen in this mosaic.