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Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands XI

More Galapagos action.

We’ve got ocean pics, lizards, food pics, cityscapes, and more!



Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands part VIII

Part 8!

I made it to the beach and it was wonderful. It was the first time seeing the Pacific Ocean as I swam in one of the cleanest beaches I’ve ever been.to. There are also some wildlife and tree shots in this collage, too.


Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands part VI

More Galapagos pictures!

These are some shots from one of the national parks in addition to the Hotel where I stayed at.


Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands part V

More scenery from the Galapagos!

A bunch of these pictures have Marine iguanas in them as I saw several of them throughout the course of my stay. Those animals are as common as squirrels are where I’m from. They were just chilling around as I saw the sights on the island.


Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands IV

More Galapagos pics!

We went to a different part of the island where we saw some storefronts, inlets from the Pacific, and some of the parks.


Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands III

More Galapagos Island action!

Here are some photos of a tortoise shell, and a bird, and the tunnel of lava that we all went through in the islands.


Take 2 Creative Camp Movie Projects

Here’s a huge update from the Take 2 Creative Camp!

These are the movies that the teens worked on. They made scripts and created these stories. For these projects, they were randomly assigned a genre and a test to both fail and pass (Bechdel or Deggans) in two different scenarios while retaining the plot. Here are the plots…

The Haunted Hallway (Horror-Bechdel Test): There’s a mysterious legend about a hallway while at the same time, some girls try to prank the boys while playing up the scary legend.

The Math Test (Comedy-Bechdel Test): There’s a typical math test and a girl’s inner conscious tries to convince her to check out a boy in the class…or a taco depending on which version you watch.

Wandering In Circles (Drama-Deggans Test): Some friends get lost in downtown and they try to find each other in this setting. The ending doesn’t come as planned for some of them.

Tarantula Man (Action-Deggans Test): Trouble looms as some muggers try to harass some normal citizens. It’s up to Tarantula Man to save the day with his agility and venom strings.

Thanks to everyone at Take 2 and YWCA for pulling this off in a matter of 3 weeks.