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[#TBT] Lower Automation @ Side Street

Welcome to another Throwback Thursday installment!

I actually made these videos only a few months before starting an Autumn Peal blog. This trio is Lower Automation. They’re a mathcore band from Wheaton, IL. I’ve known Derek (lead singer/guitarist) for years with his old band Counterfeit I back when I was more active in the music scene. It was great seeing this new music with this current project.



mewithoutYou: February 1878 [Live @ Durty Nellies]

Here’s some more mewithoutYou footage for you from that surprise birthday present I got. This is their song February 1878 which one of their “sequel songs” as I sometimes call them. Much like “Four Word Letter Pt. II”, “Nice and Blue Pt. II”, or “Bullet to Binary Pt. II”, they followed it up with something that uses some of the melodies from their most famous song “January 1979” (which they played right before this song on this setlist). IT’s from their Ten Stories album.


-Curtis M.

mewithoutYou: Paper Hanger @ Durty Nellie’s

Here’s my first official post, everyone. You see, my birthday was last week, and my sister treated me to a surprise present of seeing mewithoutYou and Into It. Over It. at Durty Nellie’s. I haven’t seen either band in years (mwY in 7; IIOI in 6 respectively). This was one of mewithoutYou’s first songs they played at the show with this classic from 2004’s Catch For Us The Foxes album.


-Curtis M.