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[#TBT] Anna Luxion: Pedestal [Live @ Side Street]

Hey, everyone. Here’s another throwback video.

This one is from 2014 and it’s the first video I ever posted to my Vimeo channel when I first created it. This is from a concert in Elgin that featured Southern Illinoisan songwriter Anna Luxion. Feel free to check this video out and see this first video on my channel!


[#TBT] Rune the Lion: Alchemy [Live @ Tropical Smoothie Cafe]


Here’s the #TBT of the week.

This one involves Rune the Lion. They are currently on hiatus, but I have captured several performances of theirs on video. This is from their show from 2014 up in Huntley, Illinois at the Tropical Smoothie Cafe. It was a cozy show that kept people cool during the summer heat.

Check them out at http://runechicago.bandcamp.com


[#TBT] The Old-Timers: Mammon

Here’s this week’s TBT video.

It’s the first music video I ever created for the South African/Scottish hardcore band The Old-Timers. This was a mix of some royalty-free open source footage with my own that I filmed. It was really fun and I certainly enjoyed using a mix of different images to pertain to some of the lyrics. This video even comes as a bonus to anyone who buys The Old-Timers’ EP Spiritus Sanctus. The digital version of the EP is free/pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp, but I highly encourage you to buy their music.

Check their EP at http://theold-timers.bandcamp.com/album/spiritus-sanctus