Shutterbug Saturday: Baños de Agua Santa

Now, we’ll be delving into some photos from Baños, Ecuador!

We stayed in the Hotel Sangay which is near the hot springs in town. We looked at the cityscape of this small town which is in the middle of the Andes and the Amazon.


[#TBT] Destroy Nate Allen: Recipe [Live @ Cornerstone Festival 2012]

Here’s this week’s edition of #TBT.

This is husband/wife folk punk duo Destroy Nate Allen. They played a set at the Creation Station stage and got everybody singing and clapping along. Yes, you can hear me singing along in the background to their ode to cooking. Remember, you have to follow the recipe the first time that you do it!


Shutterbug Saturday: The Quilotoa Loop pt. III/Baños de Agua Santa

We’re at the end of The Quilotoa Loop and going towards Baños!

This batch of photos deal with the last parts of Zumbahua. We also met a farmer who raises Guinea pigs to go to market. In Ecuador, roasted Guinea pigs AKA Cuy are a delicacy over there. No, I did not have one, but that’s what the farmer specialized in like raising cattle or chickens.


[#TBT] Sleeping At Last/Landmarks [FKA Color Radio] @ Judson University 2009

Here’s a fun concert I went to back in 2009.

This involves Sleeping At Last back when they were a three piece. The opening band was Color Radio (now known as Landmarks). It was great seeing them play at JU.


Ospreyshire’s Katauta 52 Project Entries 2-4

For those of you not aware, I’ve been doing a weekly project with my Ospreyshire moniker.

Every week, I post a katauta poem with some minimalistic music to go with it. Here are entries 2, 3, and 4 which came out a while ago.

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Shutterbug Saturday: The Quilotoa Loop pt. II

Here’s some more photos taken at The Quilotoa Loop in Ecuador.

There are some more shots of the volcanic lagoon, but I threw in some shots in this rural part of the country.