Shutterbug Saturday: Return to Quito

Thanks for sticking through 16 straight weeks of Galapagos Island pictures. This is the part of the vacation where we went back to Quito.

It felt nice being back in that city after we took 2 flights from the Galapagos to Guayaquil, then back to Ecuador’s capital and 2nd largest city. We actually had these trips on my sister’s birthday at that time.

On our return to Quito, we stayed at the Hotel Gangotena which was phenomenal. I don’t think I’ve even been in a hotel this nice before.



Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands XVI

This was when we were leaving the Galapagos Islands. We got a ferry and went back to the airport as we were going back to Guayaquil. At the airport, there was the Panama Hat shop. Did you know that Panama Hats originally came from Ecuador and not Panama? Also, I took a few airplane shots as we left the island.


Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands part XV

More Galapagos pictures!

We were finishing up the tour in the coffee plantation at the Galapagos Islands. I actually tried some of the coffee and it was quite good. I wish they could export some to America, but it’s whatever.


Shutterbug Saturday: Galapagos Islands part XIV

This was part of our last day at the Galapagos. We were taking a tour where we were at a coffee and cocoa plantation in the islands.

We saw where Ecuador’s coffee and chocolate comes from while also checking out methods to grind coffee and cocoa beans. Some other tourists joined us like Felipe (the guy with the black shirt and cap), who’s family came from Brazil to visit Ecuador.


[#TBT] Spartans Vs. Golden Boots 6/20/2015

This was the first sports video that I’ve taken since doing videography. It was during the Fox Valley Soccer League’s Quarterfinals event at Judson University. Here’s a 10 minute highlight reel from that particular game.