Random Hero: Not Alone [Live @ City Rockfest 2017]

This is my last video that I took that showcases City Rockfest 2017 during the Elgin stop.

Here’s Random Hero. They are a hard rock band from Denver that I saw for the first time and they were the only band I wasn’t familiar with until not that long before the show. Random Hero had good stage presence and I thought the bassist was cool doing his steampunk robot shtick on stage. The lead singer even briefly points to my camera early on in the video, so I thought that was cool. My friend Jeannette who was at this show is a huge fan of this band, so she had been telling me to check them out.




3 thoughts on “Random Hero: Not Alone [Live @ City Rockfest 2017]

  1. Ah, a bit of Colorado’s mile-high flavour is this? Thank you for pointing out the lead singer’s doing exactly that, I had to rewatch it to catch that as I was perhaps too lost within their performance to more than soak it up. Thank you for sharing.


      1. For all I grew up there, we weren’t in on that scene, whence I could not say nor guess. Besides, Focus on the Family moved in as we left, quite literally, and I have wondered since how much an effect the CA crowd has had on CO.


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