Disciple: Secret Weapon [Live @ City Rockfest 2017]

Another video from City Rockfest 2017 appears!

This video involves the headlining band Disciple. These hard rockers from Knoxville, TN got a ton of people headbanging and even some moshing during their set. This is them playing their song “Secret Weapon” from their new album “Long Live the Rebels”.

Check out their music at http://disciplerocks.com



3 thoughts on “Disciple: Secret Weapon [Live @ City Rockfest 2017]

  1. Headbanging live, eh? Me has long loved headbanging as a form of enjoying music more intensely, I guess. From TN, to boot, hmm. Dunno what it is about their performance but I rather liked it more than most lately. Thank you very much for sharing.


      1. Oh yes. I’m so “reserved” is it? face to face? You remind me that I accidentally ended a tete-a-tete with friends the other day when I carelessly became haha, well, more dramatic than ally’alls give me credit for being when I stalk about like I do.


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