Shutterbug Saturday: Quito, Ecuador pt. V

Here’s this week’s edition of Shutterbug Saturday with more Ecuador photos.

This collection involves the center of the world…literally! I got to go to the equator line at Latitud Cero (Latitude Zero) at the Inti-ñan Museum and learn about the native cultures in that country. Also, there’s a challenge of trying to balance an egg perfectly on the equator line. There were some llamas at a small petting zoo near the entrance, some native art, and someone doing a demonstration on weaving.



One thought on “Shutterbug Saturday: Quito, Ecuador pt. V

  1. Methought those affable critters looked like llamas. And way cool! Did you pull off balancing un huevo “perfectly” on the equator line? That sounds like a challenge, specially if the thing is fragilely fresh, shall we say? Nice to play the tourist vicariously as wont, thank you very much for sharing!


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