Shutterbug Saturday: Quito, Ecuador pt. IV

It’s Shutterbug Saturday!

Here are some more photos from Quito. This involves some more locations in Plaza Grande while also getting some interior shots, Gangotena Palace, and other locales in the city.



One thought on “Shutterbug Saturday: Quito, Ecuador pt. IV

  1. Wow…that architecture! Greco-Roman is it, eh? [kick me for ignorance, how’s that?] Ah, and it is not merely palatial, but the thing itself. My la. And then, perversely enow, the cold stone floors’ echo of myriad footsteps or lonely, clicking, purposeful ones rises to haunt like ghosts the dream of grandeur with it’s mockery of glory, and I look vacantly at all, fascinated, yet by halves. Thank you very much for sharing!


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