Not Amused (Silent Film from YWCA Elgin)

Take 2 has been up again for another year. One of their most recent projects involved a silent film. It’s about a sad clown and other people have to make her smile, but the results are quite arduous, yet hilarious. I filmed part of this alongside my friend/co-teacher.

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To Whom It May Concern

At the YWCA, the students at the Take 2 Program were able to write letters that address the rampant shootings going on this year. They told their honest feelings about the current world around him. The particular video is neither pro-gun or pro-gun control…it’s a HUMAN issue.

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Dystopian Futures: Low Arts music video

It’s been a really long time since I have posted anything in this blog let alone making any videos. That changes today.

At this moment, I’ve released the music video for Dystopian Futures. This is the title track from their upcoming EP Low Arts. This was the first video I made that is in black and white. I had fun filming and editing as I threw in some stealth puns while also satirizing various current events.

My other blogs you can check out during the Autumn Peal hiatus.

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I do have additional blogs in case you didn’t know.

Ospreyshire: This is my main blog which is about my spoken word/avant-garde stuff. I’ve been posting some videos every week via Autumn Peal with my Katauta 52 Project.

C. M. B. Bell: This is my fiction blog which has some short stories, my cell phone novel, and this will be used for future writing projects.

Iridium Eye: This is my reviewing site. I critique indie movies, documentaries, foreign films, anime, and short films.

Status of the Autumn Peal Blog

Hello, everyone.

I hope you all had a great holiday season this month. Maybe you spent time with your families and got some cool presents. That’s all very good and I wish all of you the best.

Now, onto the matters at hand.

For those of you that have followed my blog may have realized a lack of posting consistently. The thing is I’m having a hiatus for Autumn Peal. This doesn’t mean I’m giving up. I will still do video and photography projects. I do want to show more of my photography after showing my Ecuador photos and whatnot, but I want to post them on a new platform to save memory on WordPress. I also need to come up with more content for my videos, but I don’t know what that would look like yet.

This isn’t the end, but rather a restructuring for my blog as I analyze what I can do in the future.

Stay tuned.


[#TBT] Trocar Buttons @ Rediscover Records

Here’s a huge #TBT post for today!

This is Trocar Buttons. I’ve posted one of their videos before on my blog, but now you’ll get tons of videos from them from their show at Rediscover Records from 2014. I really miss this band and I hope everyone can continue making music.