Artemisia Videos Live from First United Methodist Church 10/5/18

Has it been almost a year since I posted anything let alone uploaded videos? Wow! I’m really sorry.

Here are three videos I took last October where I captured some songs from Artemisia. They are an all-female acapella trio from Chicago who performed at the historic First United Methodist Church in downtown Elgin. They were a great group that did originals and covers.

Check them out at

Special thanks to Phil and Sue Broxham.


The students made their final project and it debuted at the Take 2 Red Carpet Event last Thursday.

Whobunit? (props to Take 2 Teen Ali for coming up with the title) is about a big picnic that happened that was hosted by Jaquon. He bought a bunch of the food and claimed the last burger which he never got to eat yet. However, someone ate the last burger and Jaquon interviews everyone who came to the picnic.

This project was an introduction to the Rashomon Effect to the students. Not only did they use multiple perspectives, but most of the dialog was all ad-libbed and improv acting. There was no traditional script and the teens did their best to make this film happen.

Korisa and I did the filming and came up with the plot while she edited the footage.

Day of Caring 2018

Recently, the YWCA of Elgin got to be a part of the Day of Caring.

We went to O’ Neal Elementary school in the East side of Elgin where we got to paint various playground projects for the next group of kids to enter into this school. It was a lot of work, but we got things done in about 2 hours.

I’d like to thank the YWCA, United Way, O’ Neal Elementary, and everyone else involved for being a part of this effort.

Also, my friend Korisa filmed this vlog. Major props to her!

Passing Out Fliers Vlog

This was one of the older Take 2 Vlogs, but I still wanted to feature this video on my blog.

The Take 2 Teens went around downtown Elgin to local businesses to pass out fliers for the Take 2 Blog and the program. The students did a fantastic job talking about the program and spreading the word about this summer camp. The footage was edited by Amil (as seen in the thumbnail) and the music was from Ikson.

Check out Take 2:


Not Amused (Silent Film from YWCA Elgin)

Take 2 has been up again for another year. One of their most recent projects involved a silent film. It’s about a sad clown and other people have to make her smile, but the results are quite arduous, yet hilarious. I filmed part of this alongside my friend/co-teacher.

Feel free to check out their blog at

To Whom It May Concern

At the YWCA, the students at the Take 2 Program were able to write letters that address the rampant shootings going on this year. They told their honest feelings about the current world around him. The particular video is neither pro-gun or pro-gun control…it’s a HUMAN issue.

Music by Ikson:


Official website:

Dystopian Futures: Low Arts music video

It’s been a really long time since I have posted anything in this blog let alone making any videos. That changes today.

At this moment, I’ve released the music video for Dystopian Futures. This is the title track from their upcoming EP Low Arts. This was the first video I made that is in black and white. I had fun filming and editing as I threw in some stealth puns while also satirizing various current events.